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Button Hook and Zipper Aid

  • Helps fasten buttons with ease

  • Provides an easy way for threading buttons through their respective holes

  • Includes a hook to assist with working zippers



Cushion - Swivel

  • Soft flexible padded cushion with turning motion

  • Allows easier movement of lower body in and out of car

  • Non-slip base

  • An excellent companion to the Handybar Mobility Aid

  • Can be used to assist turning whilst standing



Cutlery - Comfort Ergo

  • Ergonomically designed grip handles

  • Remove and rotate heads for left or right hand use

  • Lightweight and practical

  • Provides relief for those with arthritis and hand conditions

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Cutlery heads can be bent into desired position



Dressing Stick

  • Assists in putting on jackets, pulling up trousers or skirts, or removing socks

  • The small hook on the one end aids in pulling zippers and shoelace loops

  • Promotes independence with dressing

  • Features a smooth wooden shaft with a large plastic coated hook and a specially shaped ‘push/ pull’ hook at the other end




  • Allows you to get in and out of your car easily

  • An ideal companion to Seat Belt Reacher and Swivel Cushion

  • Strong, durable and easy to use with ergonomic grip

  • Fits most vehicles, no modification required

  • Includes stainless steel seat belt cutter, emergency side window breaker

  • Suitable for people with back or leg problems or when recovering from surgery

  • Perfect for use in vehicles that are low to the ground



Jar Opener - Rubber

  • Flexible rubber grip with external finger grips

  • Conical design with internal ribbing to grip surfaces

  • Suitable for lids within 20 - 75mm range



Key Turner (2 keys)

  • Large curved heavy duty plastic handle
  • Ideal for arthritis sufferers
  • Provides comfortable grip and leverage while turning keys
  • Holds 2 keys
  • Keys fold into the handle when not in used
  • Easy to attach keys
  • Designed to remove the need to twist the wrist or pinch the fingers when turning a key



Pill Crusher

  • Cylindrical pill storage container

  • Two end compartments

  • Ribbed outer surface for easy gripping

  • Twist action top for pill grinding

  • Please discuss your medication with your pharmacist before crushing: Some tablets should not be crushed or chewed



Pill Splitter / Cutter

  • Compact strong and lightweight

  • Featuring a high quality stainless steel cutting blade

  • Hinged box with lid

  • Two compartments to store whole and split pills

  • Please discuss your medication with your pharmacist before cutting: Some tablets should not be crushed, cut or chewed



Reacher - Folding

  • Easy finger trigger operation

  • Lightweight and folds away for transport or storage

  • Accessories include suction cups and folding clamp

  • Jaw rotates 360º to avoid the need to rotate the wrist



Reacher - Premium Pick-Up 76cm

  • Easy hand trigger operation

  • Lightweight aluminium frame

  • A hook on one side of jaw for retrieving clothing or keys

  • A magnet on the other side of jaw for picking up light metal objects

  • Slip-resistant surface at the jaw

  • Removable stick clip, to fasten the reacher onto wheelchairs and walking frames

  • Jaw rotates 360º to avoid the need to rotate the wrist

  • Lever above hand grip to assist in further gripping

  • Hand grip hook for easy storage



Seat Belt Easy Reach

  • Extends the handle of a seat belt

  • Reduces twisting motion when reaching for seat belt

  • Easily attaches to seat belt on either passenger or drivers side

  • No permanent installation required

  • Comfortable soft plastic construction



Shoe Horn - Long Plastic

  • Long handle gives generous reach to assist putting on shoes

  • Features a hanging loop at the top of the shoehorn for easy gripping

  • Ideal for those with poor stability, hip or knee injuries/rehab



Sock Aid - Plastic

  • Suitable for socks or stockings

  • Strong flexible plastic gutter with long cotton rope

  • Reduces bending and strain on backs hips and knees

  • Contoured with side notches to hold sock in place

Important Note:
Stocking and socks are fed on to the plastic gutter and held in place in the gutter. Place foot in the open end of the stocking, then pull under the foot and up the leg using cord.


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Everyday Aids


All mobility aids are specially ordered in at your request, and are usually available the next business day. 



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