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Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of patient services:

  • PBS Medications Dispensing

    “This pharmacy is approved to supply subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) in accordance with Section 90 of the National Health Act”


  • Pharmacist Administered Vaccinations

    Paddington Central Pharmacy's specially trained pharmacists can administer the annual Flu,  Measles and Whooping Cough vaccinations without a prescription. 


  • Medication Counselling

    Paddington Central has two full time pharmacists available to offer free advice on any medication or health related question you have. As well as verbal advice, Paddington Central Pharmacy has access to and offers numerous printed information leaflets for patients.


  • Medication Packing

    Confused about your medications? Is your loved one missing doses? Paddington Central Pharmacy offers 
    medication packs / webster packs that most patients find improves compliance. Let us liaise with your doctor and take the stress out of your medication routine. 

  • Simple Compounding

    Paddington Central Pharmacy offers simple compounding service For more unique prescriptions, we have a great relationship with a  PCCA accredited pharmacy and will organise your prescription to be prepared. Drop your script in and we will look after the hassle.


  • Free Local Delivery

    We offer a free delivery service for our local area. Too sick to come up? No problems; one of our staff will deliver your medication or desired product.


  • Free Blood Pressure Testing

    Come into our store, and allow us to monitor your blood pressure. Any signification readings and we will contact your doctor.


  • Making Life Easy Products / Mobility Aids

    Paddington Central Pharmacy has access to the full range of Making Life Easy
    Mobility Aids. Shower chairs, Hand Rail,  Absorbent Chair Pads, Arthritis Aids, Scooters, Walking Frames Etc. Talk to our freindly staff and we can order any product in the next business day.

  • Equipment Hire

    Paddington Central Pharmacy offer an equipment hire service

    * Blood Pressure Monitors
    * Nebulisers
    * Aluminium Crutches
    * Wooden Crutches


  • NDSS (Diabetes) Services

    As a NDSS Diabetes Australia sub-agent, Paddington Central Pharmacy offers a full range of subsidised diabetes strips. We also offer a range of Blood Glucose Meters and Lancets and ketone strips 


  • Home Medication Reviews

    In consultation with your Doctor, we will organise an accredited pharmacist to come out to your home and review you medications, over the counter products, vitamins and supplements to ensure the optimal and quality use of medications. A
    home medication review is a free service that Medicare funds for eligible patients. 

  • In Pharmacy Medication Reviews

    A free service offered in our pharmacy for eligible patients, an in pharmacy medication review involves a pharmacist sitting down with you or your loved one, and going through all your medications, ensuring they are being taken correctly, no drug-drug or drug-supplement interactions exist and also informing you on the indication for your medications.


  • Passport Photos

    Paddington Central offers a seven day
    passport photo service.

  • Scripts on File Service

    Do you lose you prescriptions? Does your local pharmacy never stock your medication? Leave you scripts on file with us, and we will have them ready to be picked up at your convenience.


  • Type 2 Diabetes Screening

    Worried about your risk of type 2 diabetes? Our pharmacists use a short survey developed by the Stroke Foundation to access your risk of type 2 diabetes and blood pressure complications.


  • Staged Supply

    In conjunction with your Doctor, our pharmacists can supply your medications at a set interval, reducing the risk of medication mismanagement or double dosing. 


  • Medical Certificates

    Paddington Central Pharmacy can issue Sick or Carers Medical certificates after a brief consultation at the discretion of the pharmacist.


  • Opioid Substitution Program

    After entering an opioid treatment program, Paddington Central Pharmacy offers a collection point for your medications. Our discreet and professional pharmacists will offer you the support you need.


  • Return of Unwanted Medicines

    Bring your expired and unwanted medicines to our pharmacy and we will dispose of them in a safe manner.

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