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Are you confused taking your medications? Many patients are not sure why they need to take their medications, whether there is still a need to take them, or how to best take them. Many medications interact with over the counter products or vitamins and if not taken correctly may cause significant harm. 


If our doctors believe you may benefit from a review of your medication, they will organise for an accredited pharmacist to come to your home, and review your medication. This is a free service Medicare provides.

The goal of a home medication review is to maximise an individual’s benefit from their medication regimen, preventing issues caused by their medications.


The review usually takes place in your home, at a time convenient to you.

The pharmacist will:


  • ​Explain when, how and why to take your medicines

  • Demonstrate the correct manner to use your medications

  • Explain where and under what conditions you should store your medicines

  • Check your technique for using any medication equipment. (e.g. asthma puffer, nebuliser etc)

  • Help you make a list of all your medicines.

The pharmacist will then write a detailed report for your doctor noting any problems you are experiencing and suggest solutions.

Once the pharmacists report has been sent to your doctor, your GP will develop a Management Plan for your health needs incorporating any relevant changes the pharmacist has advised. 

Home Medication Reviews

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