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Equipment Hire


Paddington Central Pharmacy offers an equipment hire service for your convenience. The following items are available for hire and for purchase. Please call our store 3368 3843 for product availability and pricing. 




A wooden or metal vertical prop that helps support a person while he or she is walking. Crutches extend from the walking surface to either the armpit or the arm and partially relieve the weight that has to be taken by a leg


A nebuliser is a machine that converts liquid medication into a fine mist that can then be inhaled. They used to be used by many people to take their asthma medications, but these days are much less common as we have easier, faster and less expensive ways to take the medications.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Monitor your blood pressure and keep an eye on your cadiovascular health with an automatic blood pressure monitor. Because blood pressure can fluctuate throughout the day, home monitoring and recording of blood pressure readings can provide your doctor with information determining whether your current treatment plan is working.

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